Hydrior AG, founded in 1946 and located in Wettingen (Switzerland), is a committed partner in the field of surfactant production for the cosmetics, detergent, textile and cleaning industries.

Our core competence

Since more than 75 years, Hydrior AG stands for know-how, quality, personal contact at eye level and long-term partnerships. We are at your side with expert advice and assistance on application technology issues.

In recent years, we have specialised in the production of innovative and high-performance natural cosmetic raw materials and we work with renowned cosmetics manufacturers worldwide.

We are steadily and sustainably expanding this core competence with the help of our global partners and distributors from a wide range of industries.

Thanks to our flexibility, we enable our customers to realise demanding projects with us, even at short-term notice. “Tailor-made surfactants” is not just a phrase, but is also lived in practice.

Hydrior AG offers customers the possibility of preserving the aqueous surfactants according to their specifications and making fine adjustments in viscosity or pH value. Production in a batch process also makes it possible to offer the products cost-effectively as a mixture with other raw materials.

Together with our business partners, we look for and define economic and sustainable solutions. Did you know that Hydrior AG can take over the entire outsourced production of companies as a service within a framework of contract manufacturing?

By the way: sustainability is a top priority at Hydrior AG. Whenever possible, vegetable, palm oil-free raw materials are used.

Your benefit

With an application technology laboratory comprising several laboratory process systems, Hydrior AG is able to support its customers in their formulation tasks. Hydrior AG is able to produce emulsions on a small scale of up to 10 kg, similar to the modern processing systems used by cosmetics manufacturers.

Analytical instruments such as Ring, Bubble Pressure or Spinning Drop Tensiometers enable optimal customer support in questions concerning the interfacial and / or surface tension of products and raw materials.

This allows Hydrior AG to efficiently work out a formulation proposal for an emulsion or solubilisation for customers.

Flexible and tailor-made

Our customers’ requirements for surfactants with different viscosities, concentrations and counter ions are manifold. Thanks to flexible production facilities, we are always able to respond to the changing needs of our international clientele and offer convincing solutions. The customer has a free choice of containers, from canisters to tanker trucks.

With a central location, a compact company size and motivated employees, we can guarantee fast and flexible processing of customer orders.

Competent and friendly service included. Contact us!

Did you know?

 Originally, when Hydrior AG was founded in Bodio TI, we were involved in the high-pressure hydrogenation of fats.

The resulting fatty alcohols were processed into surfactants for the detergent and textile industries. The company moved its headquarters to Wettingen in 1948 in order to produce closer to its customers.

The new site was entirely designed for batch production. The anionic surfactants were produced in glass-lined multi-purpose reactors, followed by neutralisation in stainless steel reactors.

The construction of a high-temperature esterification plant in 1962 enabled Hydrior AG to produce esterification products. The first non-ionic Hydrior surfactants were obtained by the reaction of fatty acids with amines or polyethylene glycols. The esterification products ideally complemented the product range and fulfilled the requirements of surfactants from various industries.

The specialisation of the products through the esterification process was advanced. With the Hydrior polyglycerol esters, a product group came onto the market in 2003 that corresponds to the trend in cosmetics.

Since its foundation, Hydrior AG has been owned and managed by the Weidmann family.