Hydrior AG was established in Bodio TI 1946. The company originally specialized in the high-pressure hydrogenation of fat. The resulting fatty alcohols underwent further processing to obtain surfactants for the washing and textile industry. In 1948, the company transferred its head office to Wettingen, in order to bring its production facilities closer to its customers. Hydrior AG went on to specialize in sulphating and esterification techniques. Since its foundation, the company has been owned and managed by the Weidmann family.

Backed by more than 60 years’ experience, Hydrior AG is now a byword for know-how and quality in the manufacture of surfactants for many different sectors of industry. With modern production facilities and innovative development work, we seek and define economical and environmentally-correct solutions in cooperation with our business partners. With our central location, flexible dispatch arrangements, manageable business size and motivated staff, Hydrior AG guarantee fast and flexible handling of customers’ order.

Hydrior AG manufactures surfactants according to the customers’ requirements as different viscosity levels, concentrations and counterions. Hydrior AG also produces for other companies (outsourcing, jobbing manufacture). The anionic surfactants are manufactured by means of batch processing in glass-lined reactors. Subsequent neutralization takes place in separate neutralization vessels. Esterification products are manufactured in stainless vessels with thermal oil heating.

Customers can choose the desired packaging from small canisters to road tank wagon.