Hydrior is distinguished by 4 fields of competence:


Applied research and development

Our research and development department handles a wide range of customer enquiries. If you are looking for an alternative to an existing product, we use literature research and our analytical department (GC, HPLC, wet chemical titrations) to find out the individual components and their content in the product. From this information, we will then put together an alternative product for you to test.

If you are looking for a polyglycerol ester or sulfated fatty alcohol that does not yet exist on the market or is no longer produced, we will synthesize the product on a kilo scale according to your specifications.


Equipped with various stainless steel and plastic mixing vessels in various sizes, we are able to produce a wide variety of mixtures. Our equipment is suitable for strongly acidic to strongly alkaline formulations from thin to highly viscous. Customer-specific fillings in canisters to IBCs complete the service for our customers.


Equipped with four multipurpose enamel reactors in various sizes, we enable our customers to have tailor-made products manufactured by us. Production quantities from 1000 kg up to 2500 kg per batch are possible.


The construction of a high-temperature esterification plant also enables the production of ester products. The first non-ionic hydrogenrior surfactants were obtained by the reaction of fatty acids with amines or with long-chain polyethylene glycols. The esterification products ideally complement the product range and fulfilled the requirements of surfactants from various industries.

With the installation of a high-temperature esterification plant, the production of a wide variety of ester products is possible.

The specialisation of the products through the esterification process was promoted. From 2003, Hydrior polyglycerol esters, a product group in line with the cosmetic trend, were launched on the market.

The plolyglycerol esters are characterized by excellent properties such as..:

Toxicologically and ecologically absolutely harmless
High substantivity
Skin roughness reducing to skin smoothing
Not skin-irritating
PEG and nitrogen free
Liquid to pasty, cold processable products
Polyglycerol esters are therefore ideally suited for PEG-free formulations in the natural cosmetics sector.

Since 2008, a state-of-the-art pilot esterification plant has also made it possible to produce scale-up quantities between 50 and 250 kg.

Today, Hydrior AG stands for know-how and quality in surfactants for a wide variety of industries. With modern production facilities and innovative development work, the Hydrior team seeks and finds economical and environmentally compatible solutions in cooperation with its business partners. Central location, flexible shipping options, manageable company size and motivated employees guarantee fast and flexible processing of customer orders.

Hydrior AG is, therefore, your specialist for customised surfactants. Such as for example for:

Polyglycerol Esters
Fatty acid glycol ester
Fatty alcohol sulphates
Glycol sulphates (hydrotropes)
Alkylbenzene sulfonates
Fatty alcohol ether sulfates
Fatty amine ether sulfates
Turkish Red Oils
Amide ether sulfates

Of course, Hydrior AG also offers complete services for other companies, such as contract manufacturing or safety data sheet preparation.

Hydrior is certified according to ISO 9001:2000. A strict quality assurance system including various modern analytical instruments (HPLC, GC, UV-VIS etc.) ensures a high product continuity. All incoming raw materials and product deliveries to customers are analysed and documented batch by batch. Traceability is thus guaranteed at all times.

With these flexible structures, short-term delivery dates are also possible. The Hydrior customer has a free choice of containers, from canisters to rail car deliveries. Hydrior AG has its own, larger storage capacities for raw materials and standard products. This enables short-term deliveries and shorter production lead times.